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Cyclone Procedures

A comprehensive set of Cyclone Procedures are in place and are amended annually.

Download current cyclone procedures : Bayview Marina Cyclone Emergency Response Plan

Private Berth Engineering Approval

All private berths and decks within the Bayview Marina Estate need to have an engineering certificate and approval from the Bayview Management Corporation. See – Private Berth Engineering Approval.

This is to confirm that the structure is adequate to moor the particular vessel, particularly in the cyclone season.

The standard floating pontoon with concrete pylons has been designed to support most vessels and it is simply a matter of lodging a copy of the plans at our office to obtain approval.

Timber decks which are not attached to the revetment wall can also be approved for the mooring of vessels. Plans being lodged for approval need to include an engineer’s certificate which states the dimensions and weight of the vessel which the deck is designed to support. Please Note: The Bayview Management Corporation Insures the revetment wall in front of private properties on behalf of the owners.

Failure to obtain berth or deck approval or contravening the building covenants may result in this insurance being void for the property concerned.

Please contact our office if you need further clarification on 0477 661 130.

Private Berth Mooring Approval

Vessels wishing to moor on private approved moorings (see above) need to complete the private moorings vessel details form.

Forward the completed form and insurance details to our office (minimum 48 hours prior to entry) by email [email protected]

Building Covenants

Building Covenants are administered on behalf of the developers by Kevin Fitzgerald – Hoadley Budge Olphert & Edwards Maddigan Torzillo Briggs Pty Ltd. Please contact Kevin on [email protected] or 0447 677 412 for details on obtaining approval for your plans.

Zone RO Guidelines.
Zone R1 Guidelines.
Zone R2 Guidelines.


As a resident of Bayview Marina, it is important for you to familiarise yourself with the By-laws, procedures and documents that relate to the Marina.